Welcome to New Hanover Elementary School


    New Hanover-Upper Frederick Elementary School (NHUF) is located in Montgomery County, PA. Our student enrollment is roughly 787 students. We have five sections of kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 5th, six sections of 3rd and four sections of 4th and 6th grade. Classes currently range in size from 18-29 students per class. NHUF has thirty-five classroom teachers, seven special area teachers, two speech therapists, two reading specialists, two intervention teachers, an occupational therapist, guidance counselor, and a physical therapist along with many support staff who are all dedicated to helping our students achieve their highest potential.

    We are excited to welcome new staff members to our school this year! Mr. James Towers is joining our fifth grade team, Mrs. Angela Hughes as a Learning Support teacher, Miss Caitlyn Stratman is substituting for Mrs. Krista Gallagher during her sabbatical, Miss Taryn Gresh as a Long Term Substitute for Mrs. Olds, Mrs. Andrea Atiyeh as our Nurse and Mr. Aaron Scott is our new Computer Tech. In addition, Mrs. Meghan Bezler will be teaching 3rd grade this year and we have two additions to our aide staff: Mrs. Kim Capone, Mrs. Kimberly Billetta and Mrs. Jamie Sgroi. We also have three additions to our cafeteria staff: Mrs. Tina Lavanga, Mrs. Renee Hendricks and Mrs. Betty Shrump.  The core element of our strength as a school is an outstanding faculty and staff. Staff holds high expectations for all students and is committed to helping each child meet these expectations. These efforts have resulted in superior achievement of our students year after year in state and national standardized testing. Instruction focuses on language arts, math, social studies, and science. Students also participate in art, vocal and instrumental music, wellness and fitness activities, computer, and library instruction. Learning support classes provide support along with our reading specialists, guidance counselor, intervention teachers and a student assistance team.

    Our Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII) program will continue in kindergarten through sixth grade. The RtII program is a process designed to help our school focus on high quality interventions that are matched to student needs and monitored on a frequent basis. The information gained from our RtII process is used by NHUF school personnel and parents/guardians to adapt instruction and make decisions regarding each student’s educational program. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the RtII approach is that it eliminates a “wait to fail” situation because the students get help promptly within the general education setting. As soon as assessment data indicates an area of difficulty for a student or a group of students, interventions are put into place to address these concerns. While the interventions are taking place, school staff monitors any progress these students are making in their area of difficulty.  These progress monitoring techniques used within the RtII process provide information that allows teachers to better evaluate student needs and match instruction, resources, and interventions appropriately. As part of the RtII initiative staff members meet approximately every six weeks in small teams to review student data for the purpose of planning and updating student interventions.

    The building technology plan has been updated and expanded. Each classroom has at least five wireless laptops, between 5 and 8 ipads/minis and access to more computers and iPads to enhance the education of our students.

    Our physical plant is a great source of pride for the entire school community. The NHUF custodial staff is meticulous in maintaining the school plant which consists of 37 classrooms, four small group instruction rooms, library/media center, music room, instrumental music room, gymnasium, and an all-purpose room.

    NHUF's Parents Teachers and Children Association (PTCA) is an integral part of our school.  This group enriches students' experiences by organizing various school-spirited activities and fundraisers including: Ice Cream Social, Fall Festival, Pizza Night, Family-Fun Nights, Pre-School Story Time, RHYME, Basket Raffle, Race for Education, and much more!  PTCA hosts quarterly meetings to keep everyone "connected".  We encourage all parents/guardians to become members of our PTCA and make a difference for all students at NHUF!  

    *Visit the PTCA website  www.nhufptca.org and "like" them on Facebook NHUF PTCA.

    The virtues of hard work, responsibility, honesty, courtesy, and respect are continuously emphasized and integrated into the regular academic school program and reinforced by adults in the school community. Our Student Council provides an exciting opportunity for students to show leadership. Students participate in at least one community service project annually. For example, the Student Council organizes an annual canned food drive to benefit local residents. We believe strongly that as an organization it is our responsibility to develop not just good students but good student citizens in a democratic society.

    We look forward to a wonderful school year! 

    Brian Rohn


    New Hanover – Upper Frederick

    Elementary School