School Counseling


    Erin K. Miller
    School Counselor
    Pine Forge Elementary
    Office Hours:
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    Boyertown Area School District supports student growth and achievement through the school counseling program. Professional certified masters’ level counselors at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels implement programs designed to optimize each student’s development. 

    Working within a framework of best practices, counselors help create a school culture of safety, trust, respect, and positive caring for self and others. Counseling duties may include the following:

    • Counseling individuals and/or small groups to address issues such as changing family structure, personal adjustment, interpersonal concerns, academic development, behavior management, and peer mediation.
    • Designing and implementing developmental classroom lessons to increase skills and achievement in career awareness, diversity, differing abilities, conflict resolution, study skills, and test taking strategies.
    • Consulting with teachers, administrators, school psychologists, and outside agencies. 
    • Collaborating with parents/guardians through conferences, workshops, and newsletters. 
    • Leading and participating in Student Assistance Teams which support students who exhibit behavioral, academic, social, emotional, and/or drug/alcohol concerns.
    • Developing career awareness programs from elementary grades through junior high and into high school.
    • Providing resource information to parents and students for post-secondary education.
    • Facilitating transitions for new students and students entering elementary, junior high and senior high school.
    • Coordinating, administering, and disseminating standardized tests, including PSSA, SAT, PSAT, and district assessments.
    • Assisting in the identification, evaluation and placement of students who are Gifted and Talented.

    Please contact your school’s counselor with your questions, concerns, and comments regarding your child’s progress in the Boyertown Area School District.