• Welcome to second grade!



    Second Grade School Supplies 2021-2022

    Please be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to get all the information.

    I suggest purchasing:

    • Clipboard
    • ½ inch binder for their writing
    • Folder for homework (while the supplies a good, you may want to purchase 2)
    • Toolbox or pouch
    • 4 dry erase markers: please label with their name
    • Earbuds or Headphones in a labeled Ziploc bag
    • Scissors for art
    • 1 box of tissues                                                                 

                                                                                                                                                         Don't forget your supplies!

            Optional items you can consider:

    •       Extra glue stick, small box colored pencils, or Twistable colored pencils (For art)       
    •       Cleaning wipes, individual hand sanitizer