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    Business 6

    Sixth grade students in this class will be introduced to digital citizenship through a simulation in which they make choices for characters with different digital dilemmas and are then faced with the outcomes. They will create a digital poster about a specific topic covered in this lesson, such as their digital footprint, gaming addiction, plagiarism, etc. Students will then review major tools in Google Docs such as paragraph alignment, cutting vs. copying, format painter, and much more. They will learn how to create a professional slides presentation complete with a notes section (what they would be saying out loud while presenting) and a bulleted list on the slides following the 7x7 rule (no more than seven bullets per slide, no more than seven words per bullet) and the importance of following this rule. 

    Business 7
    Seventh grade students in this class will be introduced to multiple features of Google Docs in order to create a professional, one-page event flyer. They will have requirements based on doc features as well as important components of a flyer. Students will create a brochure about their own "rental" company where they include pricing, descriptions, and a business logo. They will learn about Google Sheets and complete assignments where they will need to input data, alter data, and use formulas. Students will create a professional slide presentation about a passion of theirs, complete with bulleted lists on each slide and notes in full sentences elaborating on each slide topic. 

    Business 8

    Eighth grade students in this class will learn about advanced features of docs, such as creating tables, charts, and columns of text. They will then use this new knowledge to create a multi-page report- complete with a cover page, page numbers, table, chart, paragraphs, and a text box. Eighth grade students will learn about entrepreneurship and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. They will think critically about the characteristics of entrepreneurs and whether or not they'd be interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Finally, they will create a presentation about an entrepreneur of their choosing.