Mrs. Lisa DeRenzo
    Pine Forge Elementary
    Grade 4 
    Room # 711
    Phone: (610)323-7609 Ext: 1811

  •  Welcome to 4th Grade

         Entering 4th grade is such an exciting time for children!  They have successfully completed the primary grades, and are ready to explore all the things the intermediate grades have to offer.  Your child will grow academically and emotionally during their year in 4th grade.  You will be amazed at all they learn, and the independence they gain throughout our year together.  Don't be surprised if they come home excited to teach YOU the skills they've mastered.  Trust me, they will amaze you with their new strategies for solving a problem in math or speaking about a novel they are reading.  Their growth during this year is tremendous!

         I ask that you partner with me to foster strong organizational skills in your child.  Studies show that an organized student is more successful in the classroom.  Another important part of our year together is problem solving, both academically and socially.  Please allow your child to work through problems at home without your immediate assistance.  We encourage our students to develop strong problem solving skills and strategies.  This helps to develop perseverance and resiliency.  
         It is my goal for each and every student who enters our classroom to be safe, loved, challenged, and treated fairly and respectfully.  Your children are now"my kids" and I treat them like my own.  I look forward to our year together as we grow as a community of learners.  Please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me with questions or concerns.  It is my believe that when teachers and parents work together, students succeed!