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    Mr. Jeff Kusniez
    Modern World History - 10
    AP U.S. Government - 11/12
    Student Council
    Room 419
    Phone: 610-473-3587
    (Defaults to Voicemail 7:30-3:00) 

  • Welcome to Mr. Kusniez's Home Page
    Welcome to my home page.  For current students and parents, please check the weekly email or the class Google Classroom for more specific deadlines on the homework and projects. 
    If you need to reach me, my schedule for this year is below.  I am usually at school from 7AM-4PM.  If you call or email during a class period, I will respond as soon as possible.  If you email or call after 4PM, I will not respond until the next school day.  Please also recognize that it is best to email rather than call, especially with the current fluid shifts due to the pandemic.  I can easily answer emails from home; phone calls are much more difficult.
    Finally, if you have questions about Student Council please check the Student Council page under Activities for more details.
    Thank you,
    Mr. Kusniez 
    2020-2021 Schedule
    Pd. 1 - Modern World History
    Pd. 2 - Modern World History
    Pd. 3 - AP US Government
    Pd. 4 - Tutoring
    Pd. 5 - Flex
    Pd. 6 - Modern World History
    Pd. 7 - Lunch
    Pd. 8 - Modern World History
    Pd. 9 - Modern World History