• 12th grade Economics/Civics
    11th grade Academic and Honors Economics/Civics
    Room #714
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    Units Covered In This Course:

    • Unit 1 Constitutional Foundations
    • Unit 2 Preamble, Principles and Powers
    • Unit 3 Article I The Legislative Branch
    • Unit 4 Article II The Executive Branch
    • Unit 5 Political Parties and Elections
    • Unit 6 Article III The Judicial Branch
    • Unit 7 The Bill of Rights and the Amendment Process
    • Unit 8 Basic Economics and Economic Systems
    • Unit 9 Demand-Supply-Equilibrium-Elasticity and Marginal Analysis
    • Unit 10 Free Enterprise
    • Unit 11 Money, Banking and The Federal Reserve
    • Unit 12 Taxes and The Federal Budget
    • Unit 13 Investing and The Stock Market