Boyertown Elementary’s SWEBS is a comprehensive, school-wide set of strategies to support positive behavior and academic achievement for all students.  SWEBS focuses on encouraging appropriate behavioral expectations and preventing problem behavior. 

    BES has adopted the following school wide rules:

    ·   Be sure to follow staff directions the first time

    ·   Everyone will walk quietly throughout the building

    ·   Always keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    ·   Remember to use kind wordscand actions

    ·   Students will take ownership of their learning


    During the first days of each school year, students are taught the school rules and learn ways to apply them throughout the building.  Our kick-off event in the fall celebrates a new school year and the opportunity
    for all students to achieve academic and behavioral success.


    As reinforcement, students intermittently receive a ticket when staff observe them following these rules and meeting the behavioral expectations. Tickets can be exchanged for a variety of predetermined items or privileges. While a SWEBS program is designed to focus on the positive behaviors students display, there are also consequences
    for repeated or significant rule infractions.


    Since parents and guardians are a part of the school community, consider the following suggestions to support positive school behavior from home:

    ·    review the school rules regularly

    ·    ask your child to share their day and discuss any events where they received
         a ticket or praise

    ·    encourage them to do their best work every day

    ·    celebrate your child’s success in both behavior and academics

    ·    discuss ways the rules in your home are similar to the rules at school


    We hope this program will continue to promote our positive school climate, raise student engagement, and ultimately, increase academic achievement.