• Bear Ambassador
    The Bear Ambassador Program was started as a way to help sixth grade students have a smoother transition into the middle school setting. It allows sixth grade students to become better acquainted with their school, fellow students, and themselves through a series of activities, events, and experiences throughout sixth grade. The Bear Ambassadors are a select group of eighth graders who lead sixth graders in many activities. They are chosen for their leadership, character, and school spirit. They must also represent and promote the Boyertown Middle Schools in the community. As a Bear Ambassador students will mentor small groups of sixth graders, act as guides for activities in our building and assist with other various events throughout the school year.
    Bear Ambassador Applications
    Bear Ambassador Applications will be available until April 9th for 7th grade students in the main office.

    All Bear Ambassador applications are due by Wednesday, April 9th! 


    School Dances

    The following rules guidelines have been established for Middle School dances:

    • Dances will be held from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. 
    • Students should be picked up promptly at 9:00PM.
    • No guests are permitted.  
    • Students on the restricted list, suspended, or absent the day of the dance will not be permitted to attend.
    • Students will be required to show his/her student ID prior to entering the dance.
    • Dances will be chaperoned by school staff.
    • All actions and conduct must reflect appropriate social behavior.  Students refusing to cooperate or to conduct themselves in an orderly manner will be required to contact parents and will be removed immediately from the dance.   Additional consequences may also be issued based on the severity of the behavior.
    • Students are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct.
    • Dress Code:
      • East -- Dress code varies per dance.  Most dances are casual.  For dress up dances, students will be notified about appropriate attire.
      • West – No sneakers, work boots or denim.  Student dress should be in good taste – neither too showy nor too provocative. A shirt and tie or a collared shirt (polo, dress; long or short-sleeved) must be worn, tucked in, with pants/slacks and shoes. Dress, nice dress pants or skirt and blouse, shoes.  Strapless, single strap and open back dresses are not permitted.   Shirt/blouse must have two straps with widths of at least two inches.  Skirts and dresses must be at least fingertip length.  Spaghetti straps are only permitted on dresses. 
    Flex Period Enrichment

    Middle School West has a variety of fun clubs and activities that students are encouraged to participate in.  Many of our clubs are held during period 10 and there is something that will fit everyone’s interests.   In addition to period 10, there are afterschool and co-curricular organizations that students are encouraged to join.   We believe that a well-rounded student is a successful student.

    In order to participate in enrichment activities, students must meet several requirements. Students who are not enrichment eligible for a session can become eligible for the next session as long as they meet the criteria listed below. To be eligible to sign up for flex period enrichment activities, students must meet the following criteria:
    • No grades below a 70% in any class
    • No more than 2 missed assignments in any class
    • May not be on the restricted list

    We think extra-curricular and enrichment programs are an essential part of the over-all school experience. Students will succeed where their interest is the strongest. West tries to combine academic, enrichment, and extra curricular programs to help develop a well-rounded student.