• Homework


     Every Monday, students will be given a Tic-Tac-Toe sheet with various activities inside the "boxes". Students must choose to do any three items in a row. The activities/items vary from math practice, spelling practice, word work, writing, reading, and even science and social studies. In addition to the Tic-Tac-Toe, students will be expected to read at least three times per week and complete a reading log. Both the Tic-Tac-Toe sheet AND reading log will be due on Friday.

    Weekly spelling lists will come home in student's agenda's on Monday and the test will be given on Friday. Students will practice their spelling words during Word Work. If you would like some suggestions to have your child practice his/her spelling list, feel free to do any of the following activities. These are NOT required and will not be collected.
    •  www.SpellingCity.com
    • rainbow write
    • write words 2 times each
    • pyramid writing
    • "Art" words- decorate each word
    • oral spelling tests
    • jump or clap out each letter

    It is also important for your child to practice math facts regularly. If you have a package of flash cards (you can pick them up at the dollar store), that works great. Also, there are TONS of games on my "weblinks" page to help practice math facts under the "Math" section. We also have lots of apps and games on the iPods we will use in the classroom to help with fact fluency. Many of these apps are free. Download a few on your phone or your child's device for fun learning! (Especially great when "out and about" at appointments and other "boring-for-kids-places". :-)