• Artist Profile Project
    Mrs. Creed, Mr. Brunner
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    *Infotrac - Student Access Center
    here you will find a biographical sketch of all the composers. Type in the name of the composer, spelled correctly.
    Check additional links in the bar on the left.
    The encyclopedia resources that you will find are Encyclopedia of World Biography, Discovering Biography, and Discovering World History.
    These are the names for your works cited list, not Infotrac.
    If you are researching Guillaume de Machaut, you will need to use these sites: 

    Discography, Biography, Lyrics

    Websites to use -
    Every website has been researched by a team of experts
    This is a commercial site, but there are links to biography, links to additional information, and books. Very informative, but there is no authority information. Do not use as your first or only source.
    Use this to cut a portion of your music to use in a video or PowerPoint
    More sites about composers:
    Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra - also includes a listening library
    Classics for Kids - Composers A to Z - this is an award winning site with lots of music information, including a timeline starting at the Baroque period
    Medieval Timeline - composers are not listed; you need to know the dates
    Finding your own websites
                If you still need information, use Google or another search engine to fine your composer.
                Ask yourself the 3 R's questions when deciding if the website is one that you can use.
    Reason - for what reason was this website created?
    Relevant - is the information relevant to the information I need?
    Reputable - is the creator of the website a person or company that has a knowledge of the subject?