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    Technology & Engineering
    House of Cards Activity

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    Task: Using only the materials given, design and build a structure capable of supporting as many books as possible four (4”) inches above the floor. The tolerance will be +/-0.25”.


    • Students will work in groups of two.
    • Each group will receive up to five sets of materials. Make a model using the first set of materials. Test it to the point of failure. Make note of where the model failed.  Take what you learned from the first model and build a second, improved version. Test this one until it fails. Compare your results to the first model.  Build a third (or fourth, or fifth…) model and have it ready for testing when you walk into class on the third day of the activity.
    • Materials include five (5) 3 x 5 cards and 18” of masking tape.
    • Each team will be responsible for adding weight to their structure. Once the test begins you may not touch the structure.
    • Before the final test, teams will explain their structure and design process to the rest of the class
    • Save your failed structures for use during your presentation
    • Analyze the problem and make a list of the problems you had to overcome to turn in along with your two models.