• Technology & Engineering
    Product Design & Prototyping

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    Task: Use skills learned in mechanical engineering, industrial design, SolidWorks and 3D printing/prototyping to design and produce a prodcut capable of addressing a need.  

    Rules:  The following rules apply to this activity:

    1. Students will work in teams of two (2).
    2. Each team must identify an area of need for which they hope to develop a product to meet that need.
    3. Students must research what existing solutions exist, if any, and brainstorm ways to address the need.
    4. Students will use the skills learned in class to design a product (the product must consist of no more than 4 individual parts, maximum) that meets the need, is marketable, and can be produced and marketed as economically as possible.
    5. Students must brainstorm multiple ideas.
    6. They will design their product from scratch using SolidWorks and output prototypes to the 3D printer.
    7. The final product must be functional, and will be evaluated and tested by the students in the class.