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Middle School West Hosts Community Open House

Middle School West, home of 770 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students, recently completed extensive renovations. In celebration of the completion of construction, the Boyertown Area School District held a Community Open House event on November 5. At the Community Open House, attendees toured the newly renovated facility. Students leading a tour of school

Small tour groups were led through the school by Middle School West Bear Ambassadors, a select group of eighth-grade students who serve as mentors to their classmates throughout the year. The evening was alive with excited conversation as the Bear Ambassadors highlighted newly renovated areas and new equipment. Community members had the opportunity to speak with students who lived through the challenges of the school construction project and are now benefiting from the improvements.

While maintaining the building’s original layout, the District has added important updates to foster success and achievement. Even though the auditorium looks the same aesthetically, its updated lighting, sound system, stage curtains, and riggings will better serve students as they pursue the culture of excellence in music and the arts for which the Boyertown Area School District is known.

Middle School West principal Mrs. Stephanie Landis speaks to the profound impact these changes will have on the community: “While all of these improvements are wonderful in and of themselves, they also serve a more important purpose, which is to help our students accomplish great things.  Our science labs will be more productive and user-friendly, our classroom spaces will foster collaboration, our athletic facilities will support the development of our students’ well-being, and our upgraded security will provide an environment for our students to be able to focus on learning.”

The District thanks everyone involved for making these renovations a success.