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Life Skills Students Hold Thanksgiving Dinner

Students in Colebrookdale Elementary School’s life skills class were extra thankful on Friday, November 17, when they were joined by their parents and staff for a Thanksgiving meal they helped to prepare.father and daughter

The Thanksgiving dinner is an opportunity for parents to gain insight into their children’s school experience by seeing students in their classroom environment, interacting with their peers.

The Thanksgiving dinner experience began with students and staff traveling to Walmart to purchase the ingredients for the meal, utilizing a photo shopping list to pick out the groceries needed.

“This is a longtime tradition for these students,” says life skills instructor Mrs. Mary Ralph. Along with shopping and preparing for the meal, the students also learned how to set a table. “It’s a fun opportunity to work on independent life skills.”

The students, who ranged in age from kindergarten to second grade, enjoyed the experience, as well. First grade student Juliana DiPietro, said she “learned a lot” from the experience, and that it was a lot of fun. She has many favorite Thanksgiving foods, including mashed potatoes, bread, and applesauce, and she was thankful for her dad, who accompanied her in class.

Ivan Ndiongui, first grade student, also enjoyed the experience, and cited riding the bus and setting the table as some favorite moments. His favorite Thanksgiving food is turkey, and he is thankful for his mom, Mrs. Lilian Ndiongui, who accompanied him.

“It’s amazing to see how much he’s improved over the past few months,” said Mrs. Ndiongui, “It’s great seeing him be sociable with his classmates.”

“This is a really great time for parents to come inside the classroom and connect with their child,” said life skills instructor Mrs. Tanya Ayers. “The staff at Colebrookdale are thankful for the support of the parents and for each of our wonderful students.”