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Colebrookdale Elementary School’s Principal for a Day

On Wednesday, December 20, third grade student Brice Bierbach became Principal Bierbach. From early in the day until dismissal, Brice assumed the duties of principal and wielded several tools of the job, such as a walkie-talkie and an ID badge. student with adults

Brice won the opportunity to become principal for a day through a basket raffle, and he was excited to have the opportunity—he’d been trying to win it since he was a kindergarten student. “I thought it would be cool, and it is,” said Brice.

Principal Michael Stoudt accompanied Brice as his duties of the day called for a visit to the Education Center. Together, they sat down with Acting Superintendent Mr. David Krem and Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Marybeth Torchia. The group discussed the superintendent’s role, which Mr. Krem explained as mostly involving calling school-day delays and school closings due to weather. As Brice continued to tour the building, he learned about the different roles of the administrative team’s members and their responsibilities in running a school district.

The temporary principal had many other responsibilities throughout the day, including checking on the library, visiting the reading specialist, monitoring recess and lunch, observing a classroom, and overseeing bus duty.

When Brice isn’t acting as the principal, his favorite class is gym because he gets to “run around,” and his favorite parts of school are his teacher, Mrs. Kayla Smith, and his friends.