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Field Day Provides Friendly Competition

Every year students at Colebrookdale Elementary School look forward to Field Day. The entire school is divided into opposing teams, nine red and nine white. Each team consists of students from kindergarten through sixth grade. The classroom teachers and staff act as the Team Leaders.Colebrookdale Field Day

The fun begins the day before Field Day with a pep rally, where students meet their Team Leaders and teammates. The students are also paired up with a “buddy.” For example, students in kindergarten and first grade are typically paired up with students in fifth or sixth grade. During the pep rally, each team choses a team name and decorates a poster that will be used to hold any first- or second-place ribbons the team receives during the day’s events.

On the day of Field Day, nine events are set up around the school grounds: on the fields, on the playground, and inside. These events consist of activities that are appropriate for all grade levels. Parents and high school volunteers help teach the games. Events this year included water activities, a basketball tic-tac-toe game, parachute challenges, a scavenger hunt, cup-stacking relays, tug-o-war, an omni-kin ball game, and the overall favorite—cageball! Colebrookdale Field Day

“Although Field Day helps promote activity and fitness, this event accomplishes so much more. Throughout the day, teamwork, cooperation, and good sportsmanship are encouraged,” Ms. Darla Lieb, physical education teacher, explained. “It is a great way for students to make new friends and develop camaraderie within the school. It is wonderfully neat to see the older students shine as leaders. They take the younger students under their wings and help them understand the rules to the games. These newfound friendships seem to continue into the next year and beyond, as I often hear students saying “hi” to their buddies in the hallways.”