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Head Custodian at Pine Forge Elementary School Receives 2016-2017 Lauretta Woodson Honor

The Boyertown Oley Valley Retired School Employees’ Association (BORSEA) has selected Mr. Jeff Lucarelli as their support person deserving of the 2016-2017 Lauretta Woodson Recognition Honor. Each year this honor recognizes one educator and one support professional in Berks County for doing an outstanding job within a school district or school. Mr. Jeff Lucarelli Standing

Mr. Lucarelli has been a custodian in the Boyertown Area School District for 35 years. He has worked at several schools within the District, but currently serves as the Head Custodian at Pine Forge Elementary School where he has been for the last 25 years. The former principal, Mrs. Laura Heineck, characterized Mr. Lucarelli as a person who will do anything he can for the staff and students of the school.  She stated that during winter break Mr. Lucarelli and his wife come to school on their own time and clean all the students’ desks so they return after the winter holiday vacation to find them spotless. Another example of how he cares about the students is that he does the grass cutting near the school before the students arrive in the morning because he doesn’t want the power equipment to affect their learning. 

Pine Forge Elementary School, which has two classes of kindergarten through sixth grades, has about 280 students. Mr. Lucarelli is the only custodian on duty during the day.  His day starts before 7am and ends at 3:30pm.  Among his daily tasks are setting up, tearing down, and cleaning the cafeteria/gymnasium each day, making sure the building temperature is optimal for learning, assisting the cafeteria staff with heavy lifting, doing lawn care and snow removal, as well as taking care of any unforeseen emergencies that arise during the day.

Mr. Bob Trainer, the current BORSEA president, has known Mr. Lucarelli since he was a sixth grade student in his class, and says that Jeff was a dedicated student who always put forth his best effort.  They first worked together when Mr. Lucarelli was a custodian at Boyertown Elementary School, where Mr. Trainer was a teacher.

The staff at Pine Forge Elementary School appreciates Mr. Lucarelli’s dedication, and values his daily contributions to the smooth operation of the school.