Medication Information 

The following criteria must be met to accept medication:

* A completed "Authorization for School Medication Administration" which may be downloaded from the district's website at or a written Doctor’s order with his or her signature listing the name of the medication, time and dose to be administered.  All medication requires both the parent and physician signatures.

*All medication is to be hand delivered by an ADULT to the nurse’s office in the original container that is properly labeled along with the written Doctor’s order as stated above.

*Secondary students are able to carry their inhalers and epi-pens with the required consent. In certain situations for field trips or extra-curricular activities, the student may self-administer his/her prescription or over-the-counter medication with approval /signature of parent, physician, and the Certified School Nurse in compliance with the BASD medication policy. For the purpose of BASD policy 5142 (a), "medication" shall include all prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, alternative medicines, or any other substance used for medicinal purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: Medication Authorization Forms are active for the current school year only. A new Medication Authorization Form must be completed yearly for ALL medication administered in school or on field trips.