School Performance Profile Highlights Success

Posted by Richard H. Faidley on 12/14/2016 10:00:00 AM

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has released the 2015-2016 Pennsylvania School Performance Profile, a tool designed to measure the academic progress of all public schools. It offers a web-based resource for school districts and individual schools to communicate performance results to various stakeholders. 

The School Performance Profiles is designed to: 

  • Inform the public of the performance of each public school, comprehensive career and technical center, cyber charter, and charter school in Pennsylvania.
  • Provide a building level academic school for teachers, as part of the teacher supervision process known as the Educator Effectiveness System
  • Offer a resource for school districts to communicate and compare performance, analyze performance indicators as related to achievement, and best practices
  • Report federal accountability status for Title I schools
  • Provide parents and taxpayers with performance measures for the school/district of residence, neighboring schools/districts and schools/districts across the state 

Looking at the results, Boyertown Area Senior High is ranked third in Berks County, Junior High West is first in the County, Junior High East is in the top five in the County, and three of the District’s elementary schools are in the top five in the County. 

“We are extremely proud that while we have been able to keep our per pupil spending low, our district’s performance based on the School Performance Profile score is among the highest,” Dr. Greg M. Miller, chief student achievement officer, stated. “In fact, we have the highest-performing elementary school and the third-highest-performing high school in Berks County.” 

Here in the Boyertown Area School District, we have a strong commitment to the continuous improvement and see the release of the newest information as an additional opportunity to reflect on the performance of each of our schools. Please be assured that we will be integrating this new information into our existing data analysis process to ensure we continue to improve.