Increasing Communication & Collaboration Among Stakeholder

Posted by Richard H. Faidley on 4/24/2017 2:00:00 PM

In October 2015, our District’s School Board of Directors approved the District’s Comprehensive Plan which will guide our work through the 2021 – 2022 academic year. Through the process of developing the plan, five priority areas were identified; one these areas is “effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders (parents, community members, business owners, tax payers).”

My administration and I understand that effective two-way communication is a necessary trait for success at all levels of education and that the success of our schools and of all the students we serve depends on outstanding communication by everyone. We know that year-round communication and meaningful parental and community involvement builds support for Boyertown Area School District’s schools and the students who fill their classrooms. 

In the last 18 months, my team has worked towards achieving effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders in multiple ways, including:

  • Speaking with community members and parents at school and community events;
  • Encouraging attendance and involvement at School Board of Directors meetings and public workshops;
  • Posting agendas, minutes, handouts, and links to videos on our updated, mobile-friendly website, which has received an increased number of visits and unique visitors during the 2016-17 year;
  • Increasing the District’s presence on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Answering questions received through our automated system; and
  • Delivering the Boyertown Essentials newsletter four times per year to approximately 20,000 addresses in the Boyertown Area School District community.

Over the past few months, the importance of communicating accurately and in a timely manner has increased. As a school community we have, and will continue, to discuss important topics. We will also be developing the Boyertown Area School District’s budget which will guide our school community through the 2017 – 2018 academic year. 

While I know that we will not always agree with our neighbor’s opinions, I am hopeful that we will respect the viewpoints of our neighbors. The children of this community, the students of the Boyertown Area School District, look to us to model strong civic participation. And it is the students of today who will be taking on leadership roles as contributing adult citizens in the near future.

I ask you to continue to share your viewpoint and your ideas, and to ask your questions, for the Boyertown Area School District only gets stronger with more voices being heard.