BASD Candidate Selection Process

Posted by Richard H. Faidley on 10/28/2016 9:00:00 AM

As a school district, we are working to do everything we can to fulfill our mission ”to enable all students to succeed in a changing world.” We believe that we can best help students by being a high-performing school system. One of the key elements of a high-performing school system is the selection and development of teachers and leaders.

One of the most important jobs that we can perform is to fill each vacancy with people who are committed to providing excellence for the students of the Boyertown Area School District. We have developed a selection process that not only ensures that all candidates meet the District’s standards and policies for teaching, but that they fit in with the District’s culture.

When hiring new teachers, our Chief Human Resource Officer Mr. Steve Katch and building principals review credentials and develop the candidate pool. Interviews are conducted by panels, with the first round including Mr. Katch; Dr. Melissa Woodard, Chief Academic Officer; Dr. Greg Miller, Chief Student Achievement Officer; and building principals. For the second round of interviews, lead teachers and department leaders join the panel.

When hiring a new administrator, the district begins the process by scheduling focus groups with staff and parents to develop a profile of their desired candidate. Focus-group participants are also invited to propose interview questions.

Once members of the Humans Resource Department have narrowed the candidate field down to approximately 10 to 20 candidates, central administrators, along with representatives from the elementary and secondary levels, assist in ranking the candidates to develop a pool to be interviewed.

Administrator candidates, like teacher candidates are interviewed by a panel. In the first round of interviews, the panel includes teachers from the appropriate building, Board members, PTA members, and administrators. For the second round of interviews, panelists include central administrators, a director of special education, and principal(s) from the appropriate level (elementary or secondary). Finally, the selected candidate participates in a meet and greet with the Board of School Directors prior to Board approval.

I think you will agree that, while exhaustive, our process demonstrates the District’s commitment to finding the best people to work with our students—because every employee, regardless of role, serves as a role model for our students and has an impact on their lives.