Planes, Trains and Automobiles (and Busses too)!

Posted by Melissa Woodard on 11/11/2015

The trip to China was long but, fortunately, an uneventful plane ride! For the first time ever, I rode in a plane with two floors --- a double-decker! Of course, I didn't have the chance to see the top floor because I think that was 1st class! I was able to get to sleep on Tuesday night to prepare for my participation in meetings that were held Wednesday morning with Confucius Institute and College Board representatives. Some interesting facts about Chinese education were shared. Did you know that in China there are only nine years of compulsory education for students? They must attend schooling from ages 6-15. At that point, (at the conclusion of ninth grade), students must take Admission Examinations to Senior Secondary Schools. All subject areas are tested, including Chinese, Mathematics, History, Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography), and a foreign language (English, Japanese, Russian or German). Based on test scores, students are admitted to one of the three types of senior secondary schools:

General/key senior secondary schools - Students study Chinese, Mathematics, Sciences, a foreign language, Chinese and World History, World Geography, and some arts for college preparation.

Vocational senior secondary schools - Students study Chinese, Mathematics, a foreign language, and vocational skills such as Tourism, Office Operations, and Mechanics.

Specialized senior secondary schools - Students study Chinese, Mathematics, a foreign language, and specialized skills such as Accounting and Office Management.

More information about education in China to follow!


Following lunch, I boarded a high-speed "bullet" railway on my way to Henan province in Central China. The train ride was amazingly smooth and reached speeds as high as 301 km/hr! I challenge you to equate that to miles per hour. Provided the weather is favorable, our return trip to Beijing via the high-speed railway should reach about 350 km/hr!!


Some of my internet issues have appeared to have been rectified. Hoping to post more tomorrow!!


Zaijian! (goodbye)

Melissa Woodard



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