An Amazing Visit to Zhengzhou Zheng Dong Xin Qu Foreign Language School

Posted by Melissa Woodard on 11/12/2015


Ni hao! (Hello!)

It is difficult to describe the energy and enthusiasm that greeted us on Thursday morning as we arrived to the Zhengzhou Zheng Dong Xin Qu Foreign Language School. Immediately as we disembarked the bus, the principal and some teachers welcomed us to the campus. As we were escorted on the outside paths by the expansive buildings on our way to the auditorium for the welcoming ceremony, we were astounded to hear and see students waving and cheering at the windows of their classrooms and hallways. I am not sure I have ever experienced a welcome as incredible as brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. The school serves well over 1000 students in grades 1-9 and truly educates with the whole child in mind. Artwork produced by students was proudly displayed. We were entertained by a dance group as well as students performing solos on ancient Chinese instruments. They also delighted us with a dramatic scene from The Sound of Music. Prior to visiting classrooms, students marched onto the large outdoor field and performed their daily drills featuring exercises from the region's specialization of Shaolin Kung Fu. It was incredible to observe teachers and students alike engaged in this "Brain Break"!

Once I am able to access the photos I have taken, I will add them to the blog. Pictures will show how truly special this experience much more than I can describe in words!

More highlights to come!!



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