• General Information

    • Absences - When your child is absent from school, please report it before 9:00 a.m. by calling 610-369-7485 or completing an electronic note at


    If you do not call the school or complete an electronic note, the absence will be recorded as unlawful.  So please make sure you call or complete an electronic note.  Also, if you receive a doctor’s excuse for any absence, send the excuse to your child’s teacher.

     Arrival/Dismissal Times and Procedures:

     AM:  8:45-11:25   PM:  12:45-3:25

    Early Dismissal:  AM: 8:45-10:30/PM: 10:30-12:25

        • Kindergarten students must have an adult pick them up at the bus stop - this adult must be on their green transportation form.  
        • Changes to transportation must be approved through the school office. 
        • Parent pick up is outside the main entrance for AM students and in the cafeteria for PM students. 

    Despite everyone’s best efforts, students will occasionally miss their bus, so it is always a good idea to bring your cell phone with you to the bus stop in case the school needs to contact you.  Be sure we have your cell phone number on file in the office as well!


    • Birthdays in the Classroom - You will receive a form asking if your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday in the classroom.  Our celebration option is to send in a store bought treat, a party bag of nonedible goodies, or a birthday book.  If your child has a summer birthday simply subtract six months and celebrate a half birthday.
    • Birthday Invitations - If you would like your child to deliver birthday invitations in school you must invite either all students in the class or all students of the same sex as your child.
    • Daily Folder - It is very important to review the contents of your child’s daily folder each night.  Please check for homework, remove returned student work, and complete any forms that need to be completed.  Return completed homework, forms, and any notes to me in this folder.
    • Dress - Have your child wear cool, comfortable clothing on forecasted warm and hot days.  We do have air conditioning in our classroom, but we will go out to the kindergarten playground.  Tank tops and sleeveless shirts are allowed in kindergarten.  Flip-flops are permitted, but not recommended.  Please be sure to send in jackets, hats, gloves, etc. for cooler weather.  Practicing buttoning and zippering at home will help make your child more confident at recess time.
    • Homework - Your child will be required to complete homework each month.  Though the homework will not be time consuming, you will need to help your child with it.  Homework will be distributed the first day of the month and collected on the first day of the next month. Every night you will spend 10-15 minutes reading together.  Either the child or adult caregiver can read.
    • Specials - Your child will participate in library and music.  Please return library books every week!