• Boyertown Area School District Schools are Proud to be

    No Place for Hate 

    All BASD Schools Named as Members of the NPFH Class of 2022!

    Since 2006, schools throughout our district have been designated as No Place for Hate schools by the Anti-Defamation League. The elementary schools throughout BASD were the first elementary schools in PA to be designated as NPFH.  Each individual school in our district has since become a No Place for Hate school, and our school district was the first district in the state to become a No Place for Hate district.  The ADL's program enables schools and communities to challenge anti-Semitism, racism, hatred, and bigotry.  The program aims to prevent and respond to acts of hatred, reduce bias and bullying, increase appreciation for diversity, and build a community of respect. 

    Our program participation has expanded beyond the walls of our schools and into our community at large.  The mural below is a proud representation of the Boyertown Area's commitment to becoming a No Place for Hate community. Each May, our district and local businesses celebrate our own No Place for Hate Day to honor and reaffirm our commitment to the program.

    No Place for Hate Mural

    "Respect is the cornerstone of all our interactions and behaviors.  We acknowledge the diversity and worth of one another and strive never to diminish another by our conduct or our attitudes." ~ Mariner High School in Everett, Washington