• Our Goal: To foster open communication, active involvement, and purposeful collaboration among all members of the BASD learning community.
    The Boyertown Area School District believes the quality of our district improves when we listen to our stakeholders. Your input is valuable to our continued success. 
    Use our Comments & Inquiries form to: 
    • Ask a question about district or building operations
    • Comment on something the district or an employee is doing well or could be improved upon
    • Suggest operational improvements or ways you think the district could save money
    • Share a story of something that has happened in our district that makes you proud 
    The Comments & Inquiries form is a Google form used to collect the relevant information related to your comment or question. Upon submission of your item, you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail. Once submitted, the appropriate district administrator will receive your comment or question. Each item submitted will receive a direct response to the comments/inquiries by the appropriate district personnel.
    Because of privacy concerns, community comments and inquiries will no longer be available to the public on the website. 
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!
    If you are not comfortable using this system, you are always welcome to call the main office at the appropriate school building or district office to discuss your item.