• Health Services

    Below is the contact information for each school's health suite:

  • Below you will find our Health Services forms, action plans, medication information, growth screening information, immunization information, health-related links, and additional resources.   

    Please Note:  This website is provided for the information of parents, students, and staff of the Boyertown Area School District. BASD does not assume responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions contained on this website.  This site can not be used to make or confirm diagnoses or treatments.  This website can not be used as a substitute for obtaining medical advice or for seeking treatment from a qualified health care provider.  

    Confidentiality Notice:  The Boyertown Area School District's Health Services Department complies with federal and state regulations regarding the confidentiality of all student health information, both written and oral. As such, school nurses will not discuss the health concerns or findings of any child in the District with anyone other than the parent/guardian.  We want parents/guardians to feel comfortable consulting with Health Services staff members and sharing medical information about their child without worrying about privacy issues.
    Please be assured that we have and will continue to monitor for a variety of health concerns (ex. lice). Should you have questions about the care of your child, please contact your child's school nurse.

    Action Plans:

    Action Plan for Allergies

    Action Plan for Asthma

    Action Plan for Seizure Disorder


    Family Dental Form

    Medication Authorization Form

    Private Physical Exam Form