• Boyertown Area School District
    English as a Second Language (ESL) Services

    Boyertown Area School District Contacts

    Mary King, certified ESL Program Specialist and Coordinator
    Phone: 610-473-5117
    Marybeth Torchia, Assistant Superintendent
    Phone: 610-369-7548
    Sheri Piveteau, Executive Secretary – Student Services Department
    Phone: 610-369-7548

    Qualifying for ESL services:
    The ESL program at Boyertown Area School District services grades K-12 for students who are identified as needing English Language Proficiency skills for their academic progress. State approved English Language Proficiency placement assessments are given to each student whose primary language other than English is spoken at home that is recorded on the Home Language Survey which is completed upon registration. An ESL evaluation is conducted to determine the English Language Proficiency level of the student.

    A Home Language Survey indicating a primary language other than English is sent to ESL teacher, Mary King at Boyertown Elementary school to determine if the student needs to be assessed and is eligible to receive ESL services.

    Assessments for enrollment into the ESL program:
    IPT English Language Proficiency assessment, oral, reading, and writing
    W-APT Pennsylvania‘s English Proficiency assessment (opened to school districts Spring of 2007)

    ESL Open House and Orientation:
    A 2½ hour orientation session is offered to newly identified ESL students and current ESL students to familiarize both the parents and students with ESL staff, the classroom procedures, and ESL assessments and instruction.

    ESL students in grades K-5 who qualify for intensive ESL services are enrolled at Boyertown Elementary School. Students receive language arts instruction, in a self-contained classroom by a certified ESL teacher. Instructional time is determined by Pennsylvania state regulations according to a student’s English proficiency level. Curriculum is aligned with the PAELL state standards, TESOL standards and through guidelines established by the PDE. Students receive all other instruction in their established homeroom while instructional support for English is given on an as needed basis within the classroom by ESL staff depending upon the level of instruction needed.

    Occasionally it is determined that a student qualifies for part-time ESL services. Part-time services are determined according to individual student needs based on assessment results, evaluations made by the regular education teacher and ESL teacher collaboration with principals and the Assistant Superintendent.

    ESL students in grades 6-12 are instructed for one full class period by a certified ESL teacher in English according to state standards for ELLs. Students are also given ESL support for English in content areas.

    ESL state approved adaptations and accommodations are provided and communicated by ESL teacher to all teachers who instruct the ESL student in other content areas.

    The ESL teacher provides individual training or training through team meetings by providing state approved ESL guidelines to regular education teachers.

    The ESL teacher collaborates with principals and guidance counselors to arrange schedules, test dates, assessments, and any other information concerning school policies.

    ESL State Assessment:
    ESL certified teacher administers the state assessment for ELLs, the ACCESS, and reports data to superintendent, principals, and parents. This assessment is also used in conjunction with the English Language Proficiency placement assessments in determining ESL levels and English Proficiency progress.

    State Data, PHLOTE:
    All state data for ESL students are reported to state by the ESL certified teacher. Guidelines for eligibility status forms and all other state documentation are gathered and recorded by ESL certified teacher.