Helpful Links for Parents


    Resources for Parents:

    The agencies/services listed here are meant as a general resource for parents and families of the Boyertown Area School District. The inclusion of an organization or service does not imply an endorsement of the organization or service, nor does exclusion imply disapproval. 



        · PA Family Support Alliance
        · Protecting children through education, information and action
        ·  Berks Women in Crisis
        ·  Support system for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
        ·  Victim Services Center of Montgomery County
        ·  Advocacy and counseling for all affected by sexual violence and other crimes against a person  
        ·  Anxiety and Depression Association of America
        ·  Tips for living with anxiety  
        ·  Comprehensive, user-friendly information about anxiety, its symptoms and treament
        · Anti-Defamation League
         · National Bullying Prevention Center
         · Information for children and teens to help combat bullying
         · Games and activities to help children learn to stand up to bullying
         · Pennsylvania Bullying Prevention Toolkit
    Local Community Resources
    BASD Community Resource Link

         · On Guard On Line
         · Information for parents and educators regarding online safety
         · World’s first internet safety and help group
         · Information to keep kids and adults safe in the internet world
         · Program of Parry Aftab & Wired Safety Group
         · Information for parents about safe internet use
         · Sponsored by the  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
         · Provides parents with information about safe use of social media

    Drug & Alcohol Abuse 
         · Alcoholic Anonymous
         · Narcotics Anonymous
         · Caron Treatment Centers
         · Addiction treatment for teens, young adults, and adults 
         · White Deer Run
         · Addiction treatment for teens, young adults, and adults 
         · Council on Chemical Abuse
         · Addictions Resource
         · Adolescent drug and alcohol treatment
         · Parents 360
         · Drug prevention and early intervention education for parents and youth
      Act 53:  Involuntary commitment of minors to drug and alcohol treatment
         · Contact the county Juvenile Probation Office for more information
         · Berks County Juvenile Probation Office 610-478-3200
         · Montgomery County Juvenile Probation Office 610-630-2252
       Medication Drop Box Information - (Link to info on BASD Website)
         · Information about prescription painkiller use
         · What to do when you need help
         · National Institute for Drug Abuse
        · Addiction Resource: Information about substance abuse and how to get help
    Eating Disorders 
         · Free anonymous eating disorder screening
         · National Eating Disorders Association
         · Information for parents about eating disorders 
         · Resources 
         · Nutritional counseling in Gilbertsville
         · Private instruction and personal coaching for healthy eating 
         · The Center for Loss and Bereavement
         · Support programs for grieving children
         · Grief counseling for adults
         · Center for grieving children, adolescents and their families
         · Internet support for grieving kids
         · Internet supports and resources for grieving adults
         · Children’s Grief Education Association
         · Sections specifically designed for children and teens
    General Health
         · Resources about health, safety, nutrition, parenting for parents, teens, children,     
         · Kids Health from Nemours
         · Information for parents, teens, kids about physical & mental health, growth & 
         · ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
         · Information and support for children and adults
         · Mental health services for individuals and families
         · Mesothelioma cancer (caused by asbestos exposure) information and support.
         ·Resources for schools and families
         ·Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network
         ·Resources for educators and families
         ·Parents and friends of Lesbians and Gays
         ·Support, education and advocacy
         ·Local Support Organizations
         ·The Trevor Project
         ·Suicide prevention & crisis interventions for LGBTQ youth
         ·HAVEN-Hope, Acceptance, Validation, Equality, Nurturing
         ·social and support group - ages 14-20 
         · National Center for Homeless Education
      Services for homeless students in BASD:  Contact the School Counseling Coordinator at 610-473-3678
    Mental Health
         · Service Access and Management
         · Variety of mental health services including mental health crisis intervention
          ·Treatment Access Services Center, Inc. of Berks County
          ·Chemical dependency and mental illness

         · PBS Parents: tips and tools for parenting young children

    Post Secondary Planning
         · Link to BASD Sr. High School Counseling Department
         · Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg
         · Prepare children and teens to thrive through both good and challenging times
         · American Psychological Association
         · Help yourself or your child adapt well to life-changing &/or stressful conditions
    Self Harm/Suicide 
         · American Association of Suicidology
         · Provide information and resources to help understand and prevent suicide
         · American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
         · Information and resources 

    Study Skills
         · Study guides and strategies for older students
         · Tips for studying for older students

         · TeenLife
         · Information for parents, students and educators regarding summer programs, 
           volunteer opportunities
         · Sponsored by KidsPeace
         · Variety of information about drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, etc, for teens
         · Information about talking with children and youth about traumatic events
         · From National Association of School Psychologists