• Attendance

    The Boyertown Area School District recognizes that attendance is an important factor in educational success. Our district attendance policy has recently been updated in compliance with state and federal mandates. Details regarding attendance policies and procedures can be found on the BASD website under school board policies and the elementary handbook.

    For the 2022-2023 school year:  If you are reporting a student absence due to a confirmed case of Covid-19, please complete this FORM in addition to providing a handwritten, electronic, or email note
    You MUST complete an attendance excuse in addition to the form.

    BASD is required
    to report confirmed cases of Covid-19 to the PA Department of Health.

    Procedures for reporting and documenting absences have become more stringent as a result of the federal government’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Parents are required to do one of the three procedures written below. Please read them carefully:

    Handwritten Note
    Parents/guardians may call the attendance line by dialing the school's main number and choosing option 2 by 9:00 am on any day that their child will be absent or tardy. However, absences must now also be followed up with a handwritten parent's note or doctor’s note within three days of the student’s return to school. Failure to submit the appropriate note within three days will result in the absence being coded as unlawful, and this coding cannot be reversed even if a note is handed in after the three-day window. Once a student has received three unlawful absences, a truancy elimination plan will be enacted. This plan could lead to a citation from the District Magistrate.

    Electronic Note
    Parents/guardians may use the district website/app and fill out the absence note by 9:00 am on any day that their child will be absent or tardy. This form of communication will not need a phone call or follow-up handwritten note.

    Please choose your student's school to submit an electronic excuse blank:

    Email Note

    Parents/guardians may send an email to from the email address (listed below) of the parent/guardian on file with the district by 9:00 am on any day that their child will be absent or tardy.

    Handwritten parent notes for verification of absence are acceptable for the first ten days of absence per school year. Any further absences require a doctor’s note. Handwritten notes may be sent to school with your child. However, it is your child’s responsibility to present the note to their teacher or school secretary to be handed into the office. Other acceptable ways to turn in a note are for a parent to drop it off personally to the school office between the hours of 7:45am-4:30 pm or to scan the handwritten note and email it as an attachment to the school attendance secretary. A regular typed email without a handwritten parent/guardian signature will NOT be accepted.

    In the past, there have been occasional situations in which families have forgotten to submit an educational trip form for approval prior to their trip. Failure to submit a trip form prior to departure will result in trip days being counted as an unlawful absence. Trip forms continue to be available in the school office as well as on the BASD website.