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  • Dear Families, 

    Please download the Talking Points for Parents mobile app to communicate with me. It's free!

    TalkingPoints supports every child to learn, grow and succeed, empower family members to be partners in their children’s education, and helps teachers and schools successfully support families.

    All of these goals are achieved through a two-way messaging system that automatically translates into over 100 languages. Educators can log in to TalkingPoints through either a computer or mobile application and compose a message to families in English. The automatic translation will send that message to one or more families in their home language, and allow them to respond in that language. The system then translates the message from families back to English for educators to receive. That way, everyone is communicating in the language that they feel most comfortable.

    Go to the app store on your cell phone and search for "Talking Points for Parents" and install the app.

    Enter your phone number in the app. You will receive a code to enter next.