School Counselor

Mrs. Staci Ong, MSW                                  Mrs. Grace Turnbull, M.A. (Tuesdays/Thursdays)

2547 Big Road                                              2547 Big Road
Frederick, PA 19435                                     Frederick, PA 19435
610-473-1790 (phone)                                  (610) 473-1767 (phone)
610-754-8349 (fax)                                       (610) 754-8349 (fax)                

The mission of the school counseling department is to help students succeed academically, socially and emotionally in school and the community.

Services are offered to students, teachers and parents by Mrs. Staci Ong and Mrs. Grace Turnbull (part-time counselor at NHUF). A variety of programs offered encompasses the areas of counseling, consultation, coordination, and assessment. Classroom lessons are provided on a variety of topics. When a more specialized approach is necessary, it can be provided either individually or in small groups. Parents are welcome to contact Mrs. Ong or Mrs. Turnbull to discuss any concerns that they may have.

For more information about school counseling services and helpful links for parents click here.