• I CAN Statements                                                   

      What Are I CAN Statements?

      “I CAN” statements have been developed by teachers throughout the District to help students and parents understand which strategies and skills are taught and assessed at the end of each report card period. You may also refer to these “I Can” statements as the grade level targets.

      How Do the I CAN Statements Align to the Elementary Report Card?

      Each of the “I Can” statements, or targets, correlates to descriptors found on your child’s report card. To help you understand our standards-based report card and grade level targets, this brochure lists the standard, the report card descriptor and the corresponding “I Can” statements for the marking period. You will receive new targets for each marking period. 

      Trimester 1
      Grade 1
      Grade 2

                        Grade 4                  

      Trimester 2
      Trimester 3