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    Mr. Michael C. Agatone
    Director of Bands, Music 6,7,8
    Room # 705(Band), 423, 711
    Phone: 610-473-3964

  • Welcome Musicians and Parents,
    I hope you had a great summer!  We were on a roll in early 2020, with a concert band of over 100, a talented jazz band in the midst of their jazz fest season, and marching band was about to resume for Memorial Day.  For Fall 2020 things will look different, but I know we'll team up to make the best of the situation!
    Student/Parent Supports:  Click here for Google Classroom Codes/See what we're doing each day, etc.!
    1.  Each student will be logging into Zoom every Day 1, 3 and 5.  I will be leading the students through music through speech and demonstration, but due to various internet speeds, students will have to be muted.  This will be challenging but it can be done!
    2.  There will be time for me to check in throughout the rehearsal, and have students volunteer to demonstrate things to the rest of the group, etc.  
    3.  I also plan additional activities such as rhythm, fingerings and Kahoot games to test our knowledge.
    4.  Zoom Code:  Will be found on Google Classroom.
    5.  Google Classroom:  The Code is lywcj5t.  
    Lessons:  Small group lessons will have a similar theme as above, but will be more personalized.
    Marching Band:  TBD.  Almost all 7th and 8th graders take advantage of this opportunity. 
    Jazz Band:  TBD.  For any 6th, 7th and 8th grader who plays a jazz instrument. 
    Performances:  At the current moment, no performances are scheduled.  TBD
    I am confident that we can continue to progress even in a virtual or hybrid setting.  As the next few months may be challenging and quite different, I know that we will rise to the occasion and have a productive, fun and meaningful time as we always tend to do.
    Any questions?  Feel free to email me at magatone@boyertownasd.org 
    The combined East/West Marching Unit at the Boyertown Cavalcade of Bands.
     The combined East/West Marching Unit rehearsing at Middle School East.