Boyertown East Library 
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During the school day, the East library is open from 7:30 - 3:00.
Mrs. Mento - Librarian
Mrs. Mahoney - Library Secretary

 Destiny Quick Search - if you know the title or author. 

 Destiny bear  
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Here are the books that I have recently read. If you want to see the reviews, go to Mrs. Mento's Reading List. 

Mrs. Mento's bookshelf: read

The Iron Trial
Prisoner B-3087
The Crown
Side Effects May Vary
Out of My Mind
Odd and the Frost Giants
Shadow and Bone
The Infinite Sea
Happily Ever After
The 5th Wave
Laurie Halse Anderson
Red Queen
Lies We Tell Ourselves
The Heir
Every Last Word
Saint Anything
Dead End in Norvelt

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