Audiobooks and eBooks

  • Audiobooks and eBooks are a wonderful way to read. The beauty of an audiobook is that you can listen to it while you do something else. If you have any trouble with the programs, please email me! 

    Happy reading!

    Mrs. Mento

  • mackinvia

    Thanks for a grant from th eBoyertown Foundation for Education, we have MackinVIA! Our MackinVIA account offers 471 eBooks and 325 audiobooks.


    I made these videos to help you get started. Log onto MackinVIA with Mrs. Mento You can also take notes on eBooks and upload your quotes and notes to a Google Doc. Once you log in, you can search by topic, author, or genre. You can also go to groups to see Mrs. Mento's favorites or the Reading Olympic books that are avaialble.  There is also an app for you phone!

    Let me know if you have questions. 



  •  epic

    If your English teach gave you a Class Code for Epic Books, you can use it here. If you don't have a Class Code, email me and I will give you the library Class Code.

    Epic offers most of the I Survived books. There is also an option for audiobooks! Epic has graphic novels including Mouse Guard, Lumberjanes, and Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales. You can also get nonfiction books such as Rebel Girls Explore, Paws of Courage, and Guinness Book of World RecordsGoosebumps, the Wings of Fire series, and other popular titles from our library are available too.  Refugee is one of my favorite books and you can read it here! 

    There is also an Epic app that you can use on your phone. 

    1. After launching the Epic app, do the following. 
    2. Select "Have and account? Log In" then select "Students & Educators" 
    3. Log in with your Class Code that you recieved from your English teacher. 
    4. Select your name 

    If you are on your computer, do the following. 

    1. Click the epic logo. 
    2. Log in with your Class Code. If you don't have a class Code from your English teacher, email me. 
    3. Select your name. 

    Epic is usually only available during school hours.