Junior High East School Counselors

The school counselors are available to all students to help them realize their full potential. Counselors work with students to assist them with understanding themselves, their behaviors, and to help them develop better decision-making skills. The goal is to help. The counselors consult on a regular basis with the grade level teams. Parents are encouraged to call or email their child's counselor with questions or concerns. The Parent Resource Library, located in the pit area of the East Library, is available for parents looking for information about such topics as adolescent development, learning problems, or parenting styles.  
 Maureen Siwik 
grade 9 students - 610-473-3990 - msiwik@boyertownasd.org 
 Charlee Malfaro
grades 7 (Trailblazer) and grades 8 (Explorer)
610-473-3987 - cmalfaro@boyertownasd.org 

Mary Monteiro
grades 7 (Adventurer) and grades 8 (Pioneer)  
610-473-3991 - mmonteiro@boyertownasd.org
Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program is composed of a team of teachers, counselors, nurses, and administrators who assist students who are experiencing barriers to their learning. Members of the SAP team are trained through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Student Assistance Program. Members are taught how to identify symptoms in students that may be related to a mental health or drug and alcohol issue. The SAP team works closely with Creative Health Services, the Caron Foundation, and parents to assure that students get the proper support and services that they require.

The Bear Ambassador Program

This program provides assistance and guidance to our seventh grade students as they transition to Junior High East. A select group of ninth grade students work with all of our seventh graders in small groups. During this time our BA’s work with the students to help create a feeling of connectedness to East and to also promote positive peer relationships.

Community Resources
In addition to the services provided at East, there are many other agencies that can help. See the link for resources on a wide range of services. Give us a call if you have any questions or need more information.  
For more information about school counseling services and helpful links for parents click here: BASD School Counseling