• Boyertown Middle School East Resources for Academic Help:



    10th Period Remediation Camps

    • If students are struggling and would like additional help in a class, they can be assigned a specific subject camp.

    • Ask the subject area teacher or school counselor for more information about being added to a camp.


    After School Homework Help

    • What: Supervised help with schoolwork for students

    • When: Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4pm (student must have a ride at 4pm)

    • Where: East Library


    SAP (Student Assistance Program)

    • This program is free of charge and provides support and intervention services for students who are experiencing problems that may interfere with their success in school.  

    • Please see your school counselor if you would like assistance with a referral. 



    • Some teachers offer outside tutoring.  If you would like a list of district teacher tutors please ask a school counselor.