• Middle School East School Counselors


    The school counselors are available to all students to help them realize their full potential. Counselors work with students to assist them with understanding themselves, their behaviors, and to help them develop better decision-making skills. Our middle school counselors also co-teach a course called REACH for the Future that all grade levels receive. The goal is to help.  Parents are encouraged to call or email their child's counselor with questions or concerns. The Parent Resource Library, located in the East Library, is available for parents looking for information about such topics as adolescent development, learning problems, or parenting styles.  We also have some resources linked under the "Helpful Websites" with additional topics for parents.  For more information about school counseling services, please visit the BASD School Counseling Page.


    School Counselors are virtual as well! Students that need to see a school counselor in a virtual setting can now access them through the MSE Virtual School Counseling Office (operational during school hours). Students can also access our BASD Virtual Calming Room to assist students with regulating and managing emotions.


    Angela Bellino
    6th Grade School Counselor (class of 2030)
    Charlee Malfaro
    7th Grade School Counselor (class of 2029)
    Allison Thomson
    8th Grade School Counselor(class of 2028)