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    I have always loved to read.  I will read anything as long as it has a good story and characters that I like. I read historic fiction, science fiction, fantasy, dystopia, and many more. For years I was a ninth grade English teacher. I read a lot of YA (young adult books). Now that I am a junior high librarian, I am shifting my focus to MG (middle grade books). 

    Here are the last 25 books that I read. Good Reads is kind enough to update the list for me when I finish a book! If we have the book in our library, I have also included the call number for you. 

Mrs. Mento's bookshelf: read

really liked it
Willowdean lives in a town that thrives on their yearly beauty pageant, which her mother won when she was in high school. Although she isn't your classic beauty pageant contestant, Willowdean decides to enter and is joined by a group of ...
tagged: bullying, family, friendship, grief, lgbtq, strong-female-character...
Side Effects May Vary
liked it
I didn't really love this book. It was strange because I liked the writing but not the characters or the story. The bullying was both awful and realistic. The fact that the teachers ignored it was tragic. This is YA, not MG.
tagged: bullying, cancer, and high-school
Out of My Mind
it was amazing
Wow! A student gave me this book to read because it is her favorite. I understand why. It is both frustrating and beautiful. Melody was born with cerebral palsy. She has no control of her body except her thumbs. She can't feed herself....
tagged: emotional, family, favorites, isolation, middle-level, realistic-fi...
Odd and the Frost Giants
really liked it
I know this is a "kids' book," but it is a Neil Gaiman kids' book. Why didn't I read it when I was a kid? Neil Gaiman was a slightly older kid. I enjoyed Odd and his adventures and travels ending with a confrontation with the Frost Giant...
tagged: adventure and fantasy
Shadow and Bone
liked it
I enjoyed the magic in the story, but I didn't love the book. The settings are well described.
tagged: control-vs-freedom, fantasy, friendship, magic, and russian
The Infinite Sea
really liked it
Honestly, I enjoyed this more than the first book, The 5th Wave. The aliens are still trying to take over the world while a small group of kids try to fight back. I enjoyed the back stories of the characters. It ends, like the first one,...
tagged: aliens, 2nd-in-the-series, alternating-points-of-view, assassins, b...
The 5th Wave
liked it
This alien invasion tale has survival, adventure, and a bit of a love story. I enjoyed the ride.
tagged: aliens, assassins, dystopia, love-story, plague, science-fiction, r...
Happily Ever After
liked it
This is a companion book to the Selection series. It gives you the story from Maxon and Aspen's points of view. It also explains Amberley's selection with the king. It is a fun read.
tagged: love-story, princess, royalty, and romance
Laurie Halse Anderson
did not like it
I'm never read a biography that is all taken from secondary sources. This book was disappointing. I was looking for more about Laurie Halse Anderson. I wouldn't even suggest it for students doing a research report because it is all drawn...
tagged: biography and author
really liked it
This is the fourth book in the Lunar series. I really enjoyed Cinder and the other books (Cress was a little slow), but this was my favorite of the four. I didn't just enjoy it because of the adventure, but because of the character devel...
tagged: adventure, battles, plague, romance, royalty, space-travel, cyborg,...
Red Queen
liked it
Mare is a thief trying to avoid the draft for a war that will surly kill her. She is also a Red. This means her blood runs red and her family will always work for the Silvers. The Silvers have silver blood and the added bonus of special ...
tagged: control-vs-freedom, dystopia, etc-magic-fantasy, fantasy, love-stor...
Lies We Tell Ourselves
liked it
I read Warriors Don't Cry. This book is similar but different. Interesting and thought-provoking.
tagged: bullying, friendship, high-school, lgbtq, strong-female-character, ...
liked it
This isn't a cyborg Cinderella or a very tough Red Riding-hood. This is the story of a girl locked away alone for her entire life in a space station until suddenly Cinder and Thorn arrive. A little slow in the beginning when they are in ...
Every Last Word
really liked it
I enjoyed the story that included OCD, bullying, friendship, depression, and acceptance. There was even room for a little romance. I don't have this one in my room. I'm shopping for a copy now. It also isn't in our library.
tagged: depression, friendship, isolation, love, ya-young-adult, and young-...
The Heir
liked it
I enjoyed the first three in the selection series. This one follows America's daughter and her quest to find a king. A different perspective. I have the first three in my room if you want them. Fun reads!
tagged: love, love-story, royalty, strong-female-character, and ya-young-adult
The One
really liked it
This is the third book in the Selection series and is my favorite! I have the first three books in my room if you are interested.
The Elite
liked it
I loved The Selection and also The One. I didn't love The Elite, but you have to read it to get to The One. They are available in our library and I have the first three in my classroom.
tagged: coming-of-age and emotional
The Selection
really liked it
I never read books that look like this! Fortunately, I read this one. Read my bog about The Selection at https://wordsofmento.wordpress.com/dont-judge-a-book-by-its-cover/ . I have the first three in my classroom if you are interested.
All the Bright Places
liked it
This book is a good reminder that many kids are hiding their pain. All because they say they are fine, doesn't necessarily mean they are fine. I also hated the parents who ignored the problems that were very clear. If you need help, plea...
tagged: dysfunctional-families, grief, mental-illness, realistic-fiction, s...
I Am Princess X
really liked it
This book was so much fun! It is an adventure and a mystery told partially through comic strips. I had no idea what it was about. I picked it up because I wanted to be the girl on the cover. I was surprised by the story-telling. May an...
tagged: adventure, asian, comics, computers, fun, mystery, princess, purple...
The Name of the Star
really liked it
The Name of the Star brings London, ghosts, sharp wit, and Jack the Ripper all together. Who can do that? Maureen Johnson can! The plot is exciting, and the writing is true. I had trouble putting this book down. This is the first book in...
tagged: death, fantasy, field-hockey, jack-the-ripper, london, private-scho...
The Raft
liked it
This book was a little slow at times, but I enjoyed it because I enjoy survival books. Robie is an interesting character. There were also numerous facts presented about Midway and the birds and wildlife in the area. Available in our libr...
tagged: survival
Go Set a Watchman
did not like it
No, don't read Go Set a Watchman. Even if you ignore the alternative universe characters where Atticus calls Scout "Miss Priss" and calls Aunt Alexandra "Zandra," it doesn't have the style of To Kill a Mockingbird at all. It was very dif...
tagged: awful-book-don-t-read