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    The Boyertown Area School District use the Edmodo website (https://boyertownasd.edmodo.com) to:
    1. Make our digital curriculum easily accessible to students and teachers; 
    2. To provide a place to bridge what happens in the formality of class with the many more minutes students spend outside of class. 
    Specifically, the Boyertown Edmodo website makes it easier for teachers to “blend learning” by providing a place for teachers to access digital curriculum materials such as videos, websites, and educational games and seamlessly deliver these activities to students. Teachers may use Edmodo to connect with a global community of teachers, and students may use Edmodo only to communicate with their teachers and their class as a whole within groups created by their teachers. Therefore, Edmodo is a safe, teacher and school moderated environment.


    • Teachers can create/join groups. Groups are private, closed environments that you can only access if you are given a group code. Teachers should lock the group code after everyone in the class has joined, which prevents those who don’t belong from joining.
    • Teachers can post notes, alerts, assignments, quizzes, and polls. They can attach any type of file as long as it’s under 100 MB.
    • Teachers have a Library with unlimited storage capacity (individual files have to be under 100MB)
    • Teachers can edit/delete any student post. They can also put the entire class or individual students on read-only, moderate student posts, and remove students from the group.
    • Teachers can access student usernames and change passwords. They can also access parent codes.
    • Teachers can set up email/text notifications so they can monitor what’s going on in the group, even if they are not logged into Edmodo
    • Teachers can send messages to parents.
    • Teachers can join Edmodo communities that are open to any teacher on Edmodo – great way to connect with others and share ideas, content, etc.
    • Students can only join groups – the cannot create groups.
    • Students only show as first name/last initial (Grace T.) when the post to the group. Only the teacher and administrator has access to the full name, username, etc.
    • Students can only post to the whole group or directly to the teacher. They cannot post directly to each other.
    • Students can only post notes – they cannot post alerts, quizzes, assignments, and polls.
    • Students cannot see assignments, quizzes, grades for other students.
    • Students have a backpack with unlimited storage capacity (individual files must be under 100 MB)
    • Parents need a parent code to create an account. This code connects them to their child(ren). They do not join the class group and cannot see what other students in the class are posting. They can only access information that pertains to their child(ren).
    • Parent accounts are read only (although we may be adding back ability to send direct messages to teacher)
    • Parents have access to the class calendar, message that the teacher sends to all parents, direct messages between the teacher and their child, grades, assignments, etc.
    • School and District Admins have the same privileges but District Admins can manage everyone in the district whereas School Admins can only manage those at their school.
    • Admins can add/delete schools and reset school codes.
    • Under the Manage area, Admins can see all teachers/students who have logged into the domain and click on their names to see what they have posted in their groups. They can access username, change passwords, give admin privileges to others, access gradebook, remove teachers from the domain, and delete student accounts.
    • In the Analytics area, Admins can see usage data for the entire district, as well as broken down by school and teacher/student.
    • Admins can send a message to:
      • all teachers/admins in the school/district.
      • all parents in the school/district
      • everyone (teachers/admins, parents, and students) in the district
      • district admins can also send message to multiple schools
    Parents may find additional information about Edmodo here: