• Software updates using Software Center

    Boyertown Area School District has adopted Software Center, a component of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), to distribute Windows and Microsoft Updates, as well as third-party updates like Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Shockwave, Java, etc.   These updates will typically be distributed monthly, however, there will be situations that dictate delaying or expediting update distribution like student testing or a critical vulnerability that needs to be patched. 

    When required updates are deployed to your computer you’ll be notified, as long as you have an Internet connection.  You’ll have one (1) week to install the updates prior to the installation deadline.  This allows you to install updates when it is convenient for you.  If you fail to install required updates during your one week convenience period and the deadline for installation has been reached, required updates will be installed automatically and you will be prompted that your computer will reboot in 90 minutes.  You may manually reboot any time before the 90 minutes expires to avoid being forced.


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    Software Update process detailed: 

    You are notified “Your IT Department requires changes to the software on your computer…

    Click the notification to open Software Center.

    Software Center opens to the Available Software tab.  From the “SHOW” drop-down, choose Updates.  Uncheck the Show optional software to view only updates that are required by the ITS Department. 

    Select the required updates individually or all at once by clicking the checkbox next to “Name” in the header row. 

    Once you have the updates select, click the INSTALL SELECTED button.  Updates will begin installing. You can monitor progress on the Installation Status tab. 

    When updates have completed installing you’ll typically be prompted to restart the computer. 

    If prompted, restart your computer to complete the software update process.

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