• Middle School West Counselors provide continual contact with students, teachers, and parents to provide assistance as needed. Counselors may be reached by phone or by email:

    2020-21 MSW Counseling Department

    Mrs. Grace Turnbull  -  GRADE 6
    (610) 473 - 3791
    Mrs. Leandra Jones  -  GRADE 7
    Mrs. Tiffany Tyler  -  GRADE 8
    (610) 473-3790

    • Homework Help Program - is an after school program run Monday through Friday. Students meet in room 88 from the close of school until 3:45 pm. the Homework Help Program is open to all students. For further details or information, contact the Middle School West office. Students may be assigned to guided study hall for temporary support or for an extended duration.
    • Math Tutoring - a voluntary Math tutoring program run by our teachers; 3:00-3:30 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    • Guided Study Hall - a program of study halls meeting throughout the day with a tutor or teacher where student progress and performance is closely monitored.
    • Specific Subject Tutoring - arranged throughout the school day with various subject teachers.
    • Instructional Assistants - available to assist students in their regular classes or in small group tutoring sessions.
    • Student Assistance Program (SAP)