I Can Statements For UNIT 2


    Chapter 15

    • I can describe how energy and work are related.
    • I can calculate the kinetic and potential energy of an object.
    • I can describe the 6 major forms of energy.
    • I can give examples of energy being converted from 1 form to another.
    • I can describe and apply the Law of Conservation of Energy.

    Chapter 16

    • I can describe how temperature is related to kinetic energy.
    • I can describe the differences in transferring heat by conduction, convection, and radiation.
    • I can describe the difference between an insulator and a conductor.
    • I can explain the flow of energy through a system (heat pump, refrigerator, and hot water heating systems.

    Chapter 14

    • I can describe how work and power are related.
    • I can describe the conditions that must exist for a force to do work on a object.
    • I can describe what a machine is and how it makes work easier to do.
    • I can compare a machines actual mechanical advantage to its ideal mechanical advantage.
    • I can explain why the efficiency of a machine is always less than 100%.
    • I can calculate work, power, mechanical advantage, and efficiency.
    • I can name, describe, and give an example of the six types of simple machines.
    • I can describe how to determine the ideal mechanical advantage of each type of simple machine.