I Can Statements For UNIT 3

     Chapter 11

    • I can identify the 2 factors that determine speed.
    • I can understand that motion is relative and based on a reference point.
    • I can explain how velocity and speed are different.
    • I can describe acceleration as a change in velocity.
    • I can calculate the average speed and acceleration.
    • I can recognize speed and acceleration on motion graphs.

    Chapter 12

    • I can explain how air resistance and gravity effect the acceleration of falling objects.
    • I can state and apply Newton’s Laws of Motion to real life situations.
    • I can describe momentum of different objects and how it affects motion.
    • I can state and apply the Law of Conservation of Momentum.
    • I can describe the forces that affect the motion of matter.
    • I can compare balanced and unbalanced forces.
    • I can explain what causes friction and how it affects motion.
    • I can describe and give examples of the 4 types of friction.