• Welcome to 7th grade Advanced Algebra, Pre-Algebra and Advanced Pre-Algebra, I am happy to have you in my class!  I graduated from Bloomsburg University in 1989 with my BS in Secondary Mathematics Education.  I earned my M.Ed in 1989 in Curriculum and Design also from Bloomsburg University. 
    If you need to reach me, the best way is through email, aterrizzi@boyertownasd.org
    To view classroom resources for either Advanced Algebra I, Pre-Algebra or Advanced Pre-Algebra, click on the link below.  
    The resources include:
    1.  HW assignments - look in the HW tab
    2.  Notes, homework packets, review worksheets and videos of all lessons.  All you have to do to find the material you are looking for is go to the appropriate class and then find the unit we are working in.  If you are not sure what unit it is, look in the HW document and it will list the name of the lesson for the date in question.
    3.  All POW problems are also posted in the POW tab. 
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