• Middle School East School Counselors


    The school counselors are available to all students to help them realize their full potential. Counselors work with students to assist them with understanding themselves, their behaviors, and to help them develop better decision-making skills. The goal is to help. The counselors consult on a regular basis with the grade level teams. Parents are encouraged to call or email their child's counselor with questions or concerns. The Parent Resource Library, located in the pit area of the East Library, is available for parents looking for information about such topics as adolescent development, learning problems, or parenting styles.  


     Angela Bellino
    8th Grade School Counselor
    Charlee Malfaro
    6th Grade School Counselor

    Stephenie Williams 
    7th Grade School Counselor


    For more information about school counseling services and helpful links for parents click here: BASD School Counseling


    For a list of the BASD School Counseling Department please click here: BASD School Counseling Department


    COVID-19 Resources: Please visit our Road To Success website for links to COVID-19 resources.


    Equity & Race Resources: Please visit our BASD School Counseling, SEL, and Health & Wellness Page.


    Road To Success:


    All East students are scheduled into a Road To Success course taught by a school counselor. This class is designed to promote academic, social/emotional, and career awareness. The focus will be on motivating learners to challenge themselves. In this course, students will learn about and prepare for a successful transition into middle school and life after school. To learn more information and find course materials please visit our website


    Important Grade Level Updates:

    6th & 7th Grade:

    • 2020-21 course selection cards began being distributed March 9-12th in Road to Success.  We will pick up with this information when we are back in the building.   Signed course cards are due back in Road to Success the next class after receiving the card.
    • The application club deadline is Tuesday, February 18, 2020.
    • 6th & 7th grade students recieved information for service and competetion clubs for both East & West Middle Schools to help prepare students for redistricting transitions. Club description information and applications can be found in the Road to Success Google Classroom,  Road to Success website, as well as below. East students need to fill out a separate application for each application club they are interested in. Students going to West will rank the application clubs on one form.  General clubs that do not require an application are selected during Course Registration in March. Please reach out to Mrs. Malfaro or Ms. Williams with questions or concerns.

    8th Grade:

    • Registration materials can be found in the 8th Grade Road to Success Google Classroom or under "8th Grade" on the Road to Success website.
    • January (ongoing): Teachers make 9th grade course recommendations
    • January 28: BASH visit during school hours
    • January 29-February 5: Course cards distributed in Road to Success classes
    • January 30: Parent scheduling meeting at BASH, 7-8:30pm. Students may attend.
    • February 12: SIGNED course cards due to math teachers.
    • February 13-14: Enter course requests into scheduling system during math classes
    • May 8: Deadline to submit signed course deviation forms ("against recommendation" forms)
    • May 15: Deadline to make changes to course requests. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER THIS DATE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

          Please reach out to Mrs. Bellino regaring any 8th to 9th grade course registration questions or concerns.