Activity Fee

The Boyertown Area School District 2015 – 2016 approved budget includes an activity fee.  Parents/Guardians of secondary students who participate in the following secondary activities will be responsible to pay a $100 activity fee:

  • All BASH sports teams
  • All JHE/JHW sports teams
  • Jazz ensemble
  • Marching band, color guard, band front
  • School musicals
  • Select strings orchestra
  • Show choir

This fee is annual and covers all activities that your child chooses to participate in for the entire school year. A family cap of $300 is also in place. This fee applies to secondary activities only.

If your child participates in one of the activities, you will receive a letter from the activity coach or leader with specific information on how to pay the activity fee.  We appreciate your consideration and understanding regarding this process.

We are pleased that the Boyertown Area School District can continue to provide strong extra-curricular activities to our students.