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                                                      BASH BCTC Junior Students


       All Boyertown Area Senior High (BASH) Junior students who attend the Berks Career and Technology Center
       (BCTC) may have certain constraints on their schedule at BASH. Provided below are examples of some of
       those constraints:

       What are the required courses my BASH/BCTC student must take while in attendance at BASH during
       his/her Junior year?

    • The BASH/BCTC Junior students are required to take 5 courses in a 4 period (PM BCTC) OR a 5 period (AM BCTC) time frame.  Those required courses are as follows:
      • English 11
      • Modern American History
      • Science (Chemistry (w/lab), Environmental Science (w/lab), or Astronomy)
      • Math (varied based on student course selection)
      • Health & Physical Education 11
        • Delivered on a blended (cyber & face-to-face) platform where students will be expected to complete some work outside of traditional school hours
        • All Junior BASH/BCTC students will be assigned to a BASH Health & Physical Education Teacher and will meet with that assigned teacher during his//her scheduled FLEX assignment for 2 days of the 6-day cycle

       When will my BASH/BCTC student receive his/her FLEX time during the school day at BASH?

    • AM BCTC students have their FLEX scheduled for period 5 when they return from their respective AM BCTC assignment
    • PM BCTC students have their FLEX scheduled between period 2 and Period 3 with all other BASH students

       Why does my BASH/BCTC student have a schedule that indicates he/she only has Modern American Studies for 5 out of 6 days in    a 6-day cycle?


    • This is a constraint created by your son/daughter taking a lab science (e.g. Chemistry OR Environmental Science) and only having 4 periods to schedule English 11, Modern American History, Math, and the selected lab science


     *Please note that BASH/AM BCTC Junior students returning to BASH in the PM for their selected BASH courses may have the lab science scheduled into 1 day out of the 6-day cycle during their period 5 FLEX; however, in some cases scheduling constraints would not allow for this; therefore, compromising the 1 day of the 6-day cycle in Modern American Studies as indicated in the aforementioned bulleted item.

      How will my son or daughter “make-up” the missed day of Modern American Studies during the 1 day of the 6-day cycle due to  his/her scheduled lab science course & does it affect his/her credit attainment for the course?


    • Your son or daughter will be scheduled; wherever possible, for a FLEX period with his/her Modern World Studies Teacher to make up this missed time
    • Your son or daughter’s credit attainment will not be affected


     We will continue to work to provide the best educational opportunities for your child(ren).
     Please feel free to contact your son/daughter’s School Counselor should you have additional questions.